5 Ways to Easily Mix Your Favorite Prints

I have been so obsessed with mixing my favorite prints lately. I feel like my obsession for matching them together has come from falling in love with so many different prints and wanting to find a way to wear them all at the same time- SO I did my best to compile together an easy list to make wearing your favorite prints together easy and trendy!

This was one of my favorite looks and one of the first time I tried to boldly pair a couple of prints together that I normally wouldn’t have thought to. It actually happened by complete mistake! I attended the FAME Show last month at the Javits Center as one of the official style bloggers on site. I had the opportunity to mix and mingle with a lot of different brands and even style some of their pieces for photoshoots! Unfortunately many of the clothes did not fit me (as they were sample size, and your girl is not sample sized :)).. because of this, pretty much none of the bottoms would fit me, only the tops. I happened to be wearing a gingham skirt this day so my original plan was to find something pretty simple with a cute detail to shoot in.


Photos:Β http://www.jennabascomphoto.com/

I ended up falling in love with this adorable pink top with small floral details on it and I decided, why not lets go for it. I looked at the two next to each other and immediately felt the synergy between the two pieces. The reason I think they work so well together is because the print on the top is so subtle and small while the print on the skirt is larger and bolder. Also- if you feel confident in what you’re wearing, then who really cares! Your energy while you wear it will automatically make people love it.


I had a similar moment with this outfit as well. I bought the top from the Zara sale a few weeks ago because it was such a good price and I was loving the print and the puffy sleeves I thought it was so unique along with some other items. Obviously as it always seems to work out, I never try on clothing in stores and I end up returning half of what I bought.. does this happen to anyone else?! As I was returning some items I found this skirt on one of the racks and it was the very last one I saw and it was such a steal at $19.99. I immediately kept thinking of the floral top and pairing it together. I kind of though.. well this is super weird, it seems a little busy and odd. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so here we are.. I decided why not? What do you think? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚ xox


Β Photos:Β http://www.jgoldbergproductions.com/

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Simple Guide to Mixing Patterns:

1. Mix Prints of Different Sizes:
Β  Β  Β Β 
Skirt viaΒ ASOS
Top viaΒ ASOS
Similar to my first look, this ‘guideline;’ is pretty similar! When you have 1 larger and bolder print compared with something smaller and more subtle, you can create a super cute mixed-print look.
2. Mix 2 Prints that are the Same Color:
Skirt via CHICWISH:
3. Plain colored Stripes can Literally Match Almost Anything
Skirt viaΒ ASOS
Top viaΒ LULUS
You can always look at stripes of the same color as a neutral and mix any print of your liking!
4. As a Rule of Thumb: Polka Dots and Stripes will Always Work Together
Β Β 
Dress viaΒ ASOS
Jacket viaΒ NET-A-PORTER
This look always works! Whether you’re wearing a cute polka dotted dress to the office and pairing it with a striped blazer, or some cute polka dotted shorts or skirt paired with a striped top, you’ll always create a fun interesting look!
5. Pair in Something Solid, and use an Accessory with a bold Print to Break it up
Β Β Β 
Skirt viaΒ ASOS
A printed top with a solid bottom paired with a printed accessory such as a bag or a pair of shoes will also always create a fun look!

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