The Only 7 Beauty Products You Need this Summer

So I don’t typically blog about beauty, but I figured this was totally necessary because let’s be real, we all have issues with the extreme humidity and trying to maintain both our makeup and our hair!

I have found out a couple of things here and there after surviving quite a few gross hot summers here in NYC and bottom line, I’ve found out that less is TRULY more when it comes to getting ready and what you put on your face.

1.) Tinted Moisturizer, or BB Cream

Right now I’m currently using Cetaphil Redness Reducing Moisturizer

I have fallen in LOVE with this moisturizer. Not only does it leave my skin super soft and hydrated, but it’s perfect for someone like me who suffers from past acne scars and inflammation. Plus, it helps that it’s equipped with SPF 20. I have never realized more in my life that I have now how important it is to always wear moisturizer and makeup with SPF.


2.) CC Cream

CC cream alone is all you need to cover imperfections and keep your face looking smooth and properly concealed. Right now my current obsession for CC cream is IT Cosmetics- Your Skin but better CC+ Cream with SPF 50

This is my magic potion in a bottle. Thank you to Chris from Sephora on 5th Avenue who is a makeup lifesaver and introduced me for the first time to this product and I’ve never looked back! This is what I mean when I say less is more. A year ago you would have seen me piling on the foundation and concealer to hide my imperfections, when in reality, it just makes the skin look worse. Again, this CC cream is perfect for acne scarring and inflammation and is very redness reducing. Also- again, it contains more SPF!


3.) Lash Extensions

I have super long eyelashes, so I never thought I would ever spend the money to get extensions, but let me tell you, they make a world of difference. Not only do they add length, but they add volume and they’re also an instant solution to having to wear eye makeup. I think that alone sold me on them! If you haven’t considered, now is definitely the time to do so. Let’s be honest for a minute, no one wants mascera running down their face when being at the beach or the pool, or makeup falling off your face from sweating.

I got my lashes done at Serein Lash in Flatiron. I love how easy they are, literally wake up brush them and you’re good to go.


4.) A little bit of contour and a highlight 

I quickly use my foundation to add a little contour to my cheek bones and the sides of my forehead. My go to summer foundation is Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder I buy it a shade darker than normal for that summer glow.

For my highlight, I like to use just a small amount on the bridge of my nose, my brow bone, cupids bow, and the high point of my cheekbones. I use High Beam Liquid Face Highlighter   I love the satiny pink shade and I find that this is the best highlight I’ve found so far.


5.) Setting Spray & Lipgloss

Setting spray is totally necessary in this heat to keep everything in place. My favorite setting spray is URBAN DECAY All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

I love to wear a fun bright lip shade if I’m headed somewhere, or for a night time look. However, during the day you’ll usually just find me with my Carmex!


6.) Brow Gel

I personally hate to try to even attempt doing my brows in the summertime unless I’m headed to an event, or a dinner. My holy grail is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel . The quickest way to tame your brows and keep them in place throughout the day (also great when you wait a little too long to get them done and they start to grow out, lol).


7.) A GOOD Flatiron 

Aside from the need to make sure you’re conditioning thoroughly and doing some mask treatments to reduce frizz, this flat iron is the HOLY GRAIL of flat irons. I’ve owned so many different flat irons and this is my far the BEST. I suffer from super wavy and frizzy hair, it is not the cute kind that you can just throw some product in and rock those pretty beachy waves all summer long. It’s the really crazy kind that needs to be done, or thrown in a top knot.

I use the GoldPro Smoothing Styling Iron I like to airdry my hair after showering at night (blowdrying in the summertime is a very long and hard process for my hair) and flatironing in the morning. I usually leave my hair for about 2-3 days before washing again and I never even have to touch it up, that’s how well this flatiron has worked for me. It also only takes me 10 minutes to straighten my hair in the morning, which alone, I’m sold!

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