Blogger Press Weekend: Part 1

I’m recapping a few amazing events from a couple of weeks ago with a few blogger babes! Thank you to my girl, Azadeh for working so hard to arrange a fun-filled weekend for us! A huge shout-out to Dan Wagner from Dan Wagner Photo who captured our perfect weekend in the most beautiful photos that you’ll see below, and to all of the amazing brands and companies that sent us so many fabulous products and hosted us for the day that I cannot wait to share with you.

What better way to start off your Saturday morning than a gorgeous Deux Lux bag filled with fun gifts!? Here are some of the amazing items that we received in our goody bag and a quick review of them!
CAPSUL:We each received the most gorgeous necklaces personalized with our blog names! My necklace says ‘POSH’. I feel in love when I saw it- I absolutely love personalized items, they have so much more meaning behind them! I fell in love with how dainty and sweet this little customized cutie is! The Customizable Block Necklace comes in 3 finishes: silver, 14k gold and rose gold.
WEN: I am OBSESSED with Wen Haircare. If you haven’t tried their products, you must! The Replenishing Treatment Mist is perfect for every hair type and you can use it for a little refresher between hair washes or as a leave-in-conditioner. I love to go at least 2-3 days in between washes (or longer if my hair can handle it!). After day 1 my hair usually just falls flat and needs that little pick me up! I like the fact that the treatment mist gives you that nice boost of volume that your hair needs.
I love TULA and I cannot say enough good things about this company! I have worked with them in the past and I’ve used a few of their products and have absolutely fallen in love with their natural approach to skincare. We were gifted with lots of little items , a few in which I haven’t tried and I’m so excited to use. If you haven’t tried Tula yet, their approach to skincare is through the use of probiotics and the belief that this good bacteria that is used to calm your stomach, is also clinically proven to soothe and protect your skin.

BeautyUnboxed is a super fun seasonal subscription box full of brand new and exciting goodies! My favorite item in my box was this little assortment of OPI Style Icons special edition polishes. I love these bright and fun colors for spring, I’m so excited to use them!

WHIMSY FASHION: USE CODE: ‘NEWYORK’ for 25% off your order!
 We received the cutest t-shirts, ‘New York > Everything’ Definitely my motto! I styled my t-shirt with a pleated maxi skirt and a pair of metallic crocodile print booties to create a fun and edgy NYC street styled look!
I was so impressed firstly by the packaging of these beautiful products! We received an eye shadow pallete and blush. They each came in this gorgeous super modern little ‘stones’. I didn’t know a whole lot about Lilah B, but as I read more into their mission I began to absolutely adore this brand! They are all about encouraging women to de-clutter their makeup collection and simplify with their perfectly curated minimalist shades. I received the perfect pallete of blendable brown shades to compliment my brown eyes! The best part is, their formulas both nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as aloe and agar.

Oficina 1M:

If you haven’t been here, you need to get here ASAP because you’re really missing out! Oficina 1M has quickly become one of my favorite brunch locations in the city. I have found that it is difficult to find a place that equally as fun and eclectic as it is delicious. This place has nailed both of those aspects! It’s ridiculously IG worthy, and let’s be honest.. that’s important! The decor is a somewhere between cafe style and shabby-chic. AKA- a blogger’s dream spot for some really great looking photos!
I have always had an obsession with antique tea sets since I was a little girl. My grandmother has this cabinet full of beautiful tea pots, cups, dishes, silverware, etc. and I have even started my own little collection for my kitchen over the years! I absolutely love feeling like I’m having some high tea with the girls with our super cute table ware (hehe).
 The food was incredibly fresh and the menu features delicious Italian style dishes. We did a family-style type of brunch and food just kept coming out endlessly (not that we were complaining of course!). We’ll let the photos speak for themselves ..

Last First Styling Event at Bloomingdales:
After our brunch we headed to Bloomingdales in SoHo and where we met up with Julie from the company Last First. Last First is a Match Making Club that is headquartered here in NYC. Julie challenged us with a fun project where we broke off into teams of 2 and we curated a head-to-toe look for a first date downtown. We all came up with totally different pieces and had different ideas in mind, (my team did not win sadly) but none the less, we all had an awesome time! It was so fun curating a full look. I feel like whenever I go shopping these days I’m always buying different pieces, but very rarely unless I’m shopping for a specific event do I shop for the whole look. Julie judged all of our looks based on her knowledge of what seems to work the best in these type of situations (i.e. what do men typically look for when meeting a woman for the first time in terms of fashion). Our lose fitted jumpsuit did not make the cut! It was so interesting to hear what she had to say, I definitely learned a lot even though I’m in a very happy and committed relationship, it was still interesting to hear!

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