Exaggerated Ruffles, please

My favorite trend at the moment that has outlasted last spring and summer is still here to stay and it’s better than before, exaggerated ruffles. I love this romantic style that seems to be taking over the IG and blogger world lately! My favorite part is that there is so much that you can do with it. Ruffles on neck lines, hem lines, shoulders, hems of pant legs, skirts, jackets.. I could go on and on.

 My personal style is somewhere between edgy and girly, ruffles play the perfect part in giving you that softer feminine look to a grunge or street look.
Two of my favorite looks that have incorporated ruffles:
exaggerated billow sleeves:
Flared and ruffled jean hem and an off-the-shoulder ruffled blouse:

Photography by: Tiffany Chen, http://tiffanychen.design/photography.html


Top Picks for Ruffled Pieces You Need in Your Closet For Summer ’17:

1.) Frilled Pant Legs:
2.) Ruffled Neckline:
3.) Ruffled Socks to pair with heels:
4.) Everyday Ruffled Blouse:
5.) Ruffle Detail on Mini Skirt:

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